Year 6 Sycamore diary entry

Year 6 have used the story of The Journey and written 2 diary entries using sections of the story as a stimulus to base their writing on.

Below, in the comments box, are their diary entries.

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  1. Dear Diary,

    I felt terrified. ‘Will my mum be okay?’ I thought as a chill ran down my spine. Bombs surrounded us and I was more and more petrified each day. My blood turned cold. I was haunted by the nightmares of my father. We were worried – worried that we might not be able to make it to another country and this is where our journey began. It was all very sorrowful and I was mourning. The next day, we all were at the library scrambling for a book about this place in Europe. I found a book, which was about this place, and it was very strange and mysterious.

    We finally made it to the boat. We all told stories about what was lurking underneath us. I felt nauseous. I was trying to take my mind off the journey. I was chatting to a person who sat in front of me. I asked my mother if this place was safe for us. She said, “Yes,” with a tired smile. Suddenly, we heard thunder which was crackling above us. The calm seas turned into mountains of sea water. Because the wind was so strong, it pushed me off the life boat so I was clinging off the life boat. A fellow passenger helped me up.

  2. As we climbed out of the cardboard box and began to walk, we noticed a huge wall built right along the border blocking our way. Our mother told us we would have to climb the immense wall and we thought we could do it so we attempted to clamber over it. Before we climbed I hid: the huge bundle of food I had been carrying; my larger of the two water bottles I still had with me and my spare jumper so that I could climb more easily. Once we reached the top a furious voice shouted “Go away! No one is allowed over this border and that is final!”

    “We have nowhere to go. We are searching for a new home,” replied our mother as she pulled me and my sister away from the evil guard. We ran into the thick forest and hid beneath the spiky, cold, wet vegetation on the soaked floor.

    It all started at night when we loaded all our belongings we could fit into our small cramped car and set off on our terrifying journey. As we drove, I thought about everything we had to leave behind. We drove on past colossal mountains, open fields and along a dark spooky road. Out of my rear seat window I saw many things including thick forest to hide the predators that lived there; small birds who called the woodland their home and the glowing eyes of unknown creatures waiting to scare any unwary animals moving through the woods. I felt brave and strong on the outside (however, on the inside, I felt weak and unworthy). I knew that father, who had been grabbed by the iron fist of the war, was gone forever. Our family, which had been strong and whole was ripped in half by the war, that we knew there was no stopping.

  3. My children and I were devastated that the war and conflict took our family so we decided to flee our country. One of the bits of the journey was travelling across the sea and it all started an aqua – blue colour and it was sitting nice and tranquil but soon it all changed. The sea started to rock and rock and rock and it started to get tumultuous… I felt muzzy as it was crashing against rocks.
    It stopped and I cuddled my children to make sure they were okay. We told positive stories with everyone else on the boat to take our mind off what had happened. With a sigh of relief, I spotted land that we could stay on.
    We had arrived. On the outside, I felt amazed with how beautiful and elegant it was, but on the inside, I thought to myself, is this really the place where my children and I could live forever?
    We hadn’t quite finished our journey yet because as the sun rose, we stepped off the ferry. After that, we walked and walked and walked until we found a train station. We travelled for many more days and many more nights, crossing many more borders. The train, which was full of refugees, chugged for hours. I looked up from the train and spotted a group of birds migrating just like us.

  4. Today was the worst day of my life. When we received the bad news, we were devastated as we read that our father was dead. When the war began, we fled and one day it took my father and our memories of him. We had cried as our mother was devastated and tried to assure us that everything was ok. It was like we were trapped in a pit of misfortune. He was part of us and we were never the same again. Our mother looked perfectly fine (but actually, on the inside, she was devastated and crying). After the bad news, we carried on with our lives heart broken by the terrible reminders. Soon, we found out he was shot by the terrorist bombers and greatly honoured by his family and friends. And then we decided it was time to leave that in the past and carry on with our lives but we knew he would always be with us. Mother (who was sad) carried on but the memory scared her for life.
    As we drifted along the calm, ominous sea, we told frightening stories of monsters lurking under our boat that made me feel queasy. Floating along the repetitive sea, we lost more valuable members to the infinite sea and I was afraid I was next. Along the treacherous sea, it picked up a terrifyingly strong current and rocked our boat around as some of us got sea sick. Now we were rocking and swerving shouting for help shivering as over 50 people flew over board. This time we told new stories of the land we were heading for in hope of safety. My sister (who was hugging me) cried without reason. I looked scare but actually (on the inside I was warm and loved). Soon, the deafening storm passed and the waves dropped as the sun broke through the miserable grey clouds and shed light all over. My sister (who was excited) shouted happily as we reached land. Not long after land came to view, we all got excited to find a new home.

  5. Today was an awful and unusual experience. I set off in a small boat. I had never been on the sea before it was quite amazing to see all the different creatures. One creature wrapped itself around the boat. The boat started to sway side to side ferociously. Some people fell off the boat because it was so rough; people were sick because they were sea sick and people sat in the corner of the boat crying and screaming in fear.

    Finally, we could see land after being on the sea for 4 weeks of horrid winds and waves. We asked Mum, “How long will it take till we are on land?” Mum replied “not long” with a tired smile. (On the inside, Mum wanted to curl up into a ball and wish it all was over.)

  6. It all started with a relaxing and tranquil sea, but soon that all changed. All of a sudden, the rocky waves crashed all over us. I felt nauseous and hopeless. The treacherous waves, which were looming over us, made me feel redundant. Moments later, the hail and rain started falling. It felt like little pieces of rock being thrown onto my head. I wonder how my mother is reacting to this journey. (Does she feel the same way she looks on the outside?) Soon later the monstrous waves faded away. We started sharing stories about what we thought lurked underneath this dark ocean. As we were praying for hope, we could see land in the distance. I was so relieved when I stepped on land. I felt like I was home again. As I looked back at the boat, which was half broken into pieces, it looked tiny considering it could fit over 200 people on it.

    After a long journey on the road, we were getting close to the border. When we managed to get to the towering border, I felt fearless and determined on the outside (but on the inside however I felt petrified and frightened.) When we strolled along the border, we asked the guard if we could go through. I stood isolated waiting for an answer. He declined. The guard, who told us to go back, said “we can’t allow you to go past because we don’t want to spread the war to another country.” We were all devastated about the situation. We basically went on that perilous journey for nothing. We were asked to leave for the third time but my mother didn’t give up. Fearlessly, my mother darted into the forest shouting for us to come as well. After running into the gloomy forest, we felt lonely and petrified as we hid behind a bush. As I looked around, all I could see was pitch darkness. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a flashlight coming towards us in the distance. I was praying for it not to be the guards. He whispered to us saying “I can help you get over the border,” my eyes glistened in glory.

  7. Today was an awful and unusual experience. I set off in a small boat. Suddenly, memories of my beloved farther flooded into my mind like ping pong balls. We thought of dad so much. It was almost like he was there. He would know what to do. Mum, who missed dad too, said we should tell stories about strange and dangerous creatures lurking below us so we did. We told stories about octopuses’ tentacles curling around the edges of the red boat rocking it side to side ferociously; glow in the dark jellyfish that with one touch of its deadly and elongated tentacles you could die and blood-red sharks that are hungry for human flesh and blood.

    After hours of sailing, we saw a sign of happiness…LAND! Suddenly, everyone (including us) started cheering and shouting “We’re safe, we’re safe!” When all of the shouting stopped, mum and Harry (my brother) and I told stories about water fairies that would have casted a spell on us and make our lives better. The boat was only about 50 metres away from the nearest dock because the other one that was around the corner (which was empty) was about 250 metres away from the boat.

  8. Today was the most depressing day of my life! It started when, me, my mother and my older brother- who is two years older than me- had just reached the border. Will we be able to cross? Something stormed over the wall while yelling “GUARDS!” It was a crimson red figure. As they came clear he was yelling to two other red figures. Because they didn’t want war spreading, the guards told us to turn back. As our family turned and walked away, our mother told us “Children we need to find a place to rest,” so she took us to a place nested with leaves. I unpacked my luggage containing only three items: a teddy bear to sleep with; a blanket and pillow to keep me warm and some food to and water to stay hydrated and not starve. Before we went to sleep, we asked our mother something “Mother where are we going?” I asked, she replied “wherever our hearts take us sweetheart.” We fell asleep sweet and sound- I was very sleepy- my mother fell asleep too as we still seek sanctuary.
    Me and my family –my mother and older brother- were on a boat with around two hundred people! As we drifted across the deep blue ocean, I felt something trickle down my nose. Rain? Yes. I was freezing. I put my blanket on but it didn’t help – it only got wet. My mother told me it would dry if I left out so I did. It was still raining like a million tiny pebbles pounding against my pale skin besides I was bored. Even though I knew I would be terrified, my mother told us about the monsters that lurk underneath the boat waiting for it to capsize. I was terrified. I kept checking the sides of the boats for monsters- by this time it had stopped raining- our mother told us “my babies we are almost at land!” me and my brother jumped up and down!

  9. We are finally getting away from our country. We had to climb in through the train windows and we have no idea where we are going. I suddenly missed my friends and their families. I remembered I used to go to their houses. The train buckled. It was the army. “There’s a family on this train who don’t have a ticket.” We decided to get off at the next station to change for another train. With no army, we realised that the police were here. We realised we were at the border and this was border control. We had to get the next train which about 10 minutes away. We made a mistake we were caught. We thought this was the end. We heard gunshots. We saw dead bodies. Luckily, the train arrived early. We got lucky as there were lots of seats.

    He’s gone – really he’s gone. I could see the bomber plane in the distance and our building fell down. Some of our friends died and then our father fell over some rocks, which were jagged, when a bomb hit. As well as grieving from the death of our father, some of our friends died as well as him. He was the most well-known person in our family now he’s gone because of the president. Why did this happen to our family as well as our country? We were distraught. We needed to get revenge on the people who did this. I can’t believe he’s gone though. We will not be able to live here so we are going to move to a new country. A place where there was no war and conflict. They showed us pictures – strange and wonderful pictures – of a new country somewhere with no war and conflict.

  10. It began with a peaceful and tranquil sea. You wouldn’t have noticed you were on a boat if you couldn’t see the sea. We were telling stories about the chilling creatures below us, which would devour us if the boat capsized. But the calm sea from before was fading away. The waves were getting bigger and bigger, crashing against the side of the packed ferry. We started to tell stories of fairies and angels to keep our spirits high. The ferry was rocking side to side like a seesaw. We all thought we were going to die.
    After days of the cursed storm torching us, we finally spotted land. It was like a fine crystal. We were so glad we were alive and together. It was amazing. As we crossed the borders, which were smothered in guards, we were wearier every day.
    We arrived at an old and run down train station. There were thousands of people there, just like us, seeking sanctuary.
    Since we were able to sneak onto a train, we crossed many borders without climbing over walls and sneaking passed the ghastly guards. After we snuck on-board, we found a seat and every time the conductor came we would hide. Mum had brought some food but we didn’t have enough so we had to share the food out. We were very hungry sometimes we would steal food from all over the train. On the outside, I was jolly and hopeful for the children (however, on the inside, I was petrified we wouldn’t make it).
    There were many wonderful birds fly past us on the train – large, small, and tiny. They were all migrating like us. I hope one day we will be free like those birds.

  11. Dear Diary,

    Today was the most depressing day of my life. It was a calm, happy, normal day at the beach. Dad and I were making a sand city, which was giant; Mum was reading a book, which was for adults, and my big brother was playing with a little fish. Suddenly, a roaring bang echoed across the town and people with guns were marching towards us. We ran. While we were running, we heard fires of guns shooting at us. Then Dad’s silhouette dropped and shrank. I saw a red mist fly past me as cold, salty tears trickled past my heart broken face.

    We ran to our house while mother was protecting us like a mother bear, hugging us with warm, soothing arm telling us everything was ok. I shouldn’t be scared because mother is not scared. Mother is never scared. On the outside, I looked brave (but on the inside I was hiding my isolated and frightened feelings.)

    They were trying to rip us apart. Them monsters. Trying to kill us. We pray, we beg god for peace.

    Dear Diary, (sorry I haven’t writ in a while)

    I’ve been on a perilous journey across the sea for days. It began sailing over the calm and tranquil sea with waves as small as a mouse, crammed with hundreds of people on board. But overnight, a wicked storm had brewed. Waves like mountains tried to engulf us into the waters of mystery and danger. Thunder and lightning, which were like giant, jagged fork of blinding, white light struck and vicious waves rocked our boat side to side while swirling winds were trying to knock us off course. People told spine-chilling stories of eerie creatures. Creatures like giant squid, which eat you in your sleep; beautiful mermaids who lure you into their trap and fish that blend in with their surroundings and gobble you up!

  12. On our perilous journey to the border, we started by driving in a car. To avoid detection, eventually we had to slip into the back of someone else’s car. We packed lots of things such as a carton of water which would keep me hydrated; a picture of dad which would remind me of him and binoculars which would help us see further. Unfortunately, every time we changed car, we had to leave stuff behind. After a bit, we had to change to the next car, but we lost a few things. I felt hopeless that we weren’t going to make it over the border and free. Then we had to switch again but it wasn’t a car, it was a biker which meant that we could only carry 5 things (one of them being water). A few days later, we tiredly stumbled off the bike. It was a long walk left so we had to struggle our way to the end for hours until we could see the border. When we arrived at the border, we almost collapsed to the floor because of tiredness. I was about if the guards would capture us.

    Finally, we made it to the fresh, aqua sea. I rushed onto the boat as my family followed behind me. After that adventure, we found hope and safety. The sea was calm and tranquil as we sailed rapidly in the distance, with exhaustion. My sister and I told stories about monsters that lurked below the depths of the sea with deafening roars that shook the ground. On the boat that we were squished on, there were 400 to 500 others also trying to squeeze on without falling off. After a day or 2, we could see a horrible storm in the distance creeping closer to us at tremendous speeds. It was nauseous because of the boat rocking and because of the journey ahead. After a bit, lightning, which almost hit us, came down; waves, which splashed us, rocked the boat and rain, which covered us in water, nearly urelently flooded the boat with water. The sea was rough and strong pushing and pulling the boat across the water. We told stories about fairies roaming the forest at the land we were going to. After a while, we glimpsed the land in the distance creeping closer to us. A few days later, we arrived at the magnificent island which was covered in nature and greenery. I was amazed at how beautiful our new home was and how it was so relaxing to rest in.

  13. As we ran we heard guards, coaxing us trying to catch us. As I caught up to Mother I whispered “where do we go?” We were very stealthy, which made the job for the guards twice as hard. With no turning back we ran from our hiding spot. We dashed for cover. We were petrified whilst hiding. The guards were very alert. Behind the rocks, I thought ‘what would happen if we were caught`. Without a sound, we bolted across to the dark, dangerous forest and hid behind the foliage. Cautiously, I tip- toed towards my sister and mother. I held my sisters hand tightly. Because the guard’s couldn’t find us, they stomped back to their lookout posts which were old and worn down; they were also damp which was caused from the rain. They were waiting for us.

    In the harsh environments, we knew we had to be quiet. It had been days since our father had passed. Inside our car we drove for miles without stopping. Our car had broken down so we had to hitch-hike. We climbed onto the back of a food wagon and traveled for days, until we found a bike with a carriage hooked on the back of the bike. Mother cycled us tirelessly as far as she could take us. The bike was a sandy-colored and looked worn- down from the amount of times it has been used. We woke to the bike on the floor and Mother stood next to the bike. She spoke with a strange roughness, “the border isn’t too far from here.” So we walked for miles on end until we reached the border.

  14. What was meant to be an amazing day at the beach, turned into the worst day of my life. It began a few minutes after we got there. An army with many men started to rampage though the beach. The army that had tanks that were huge; many solders to take over the country and mongooses to run us down. Our mother half dragged me and my sister and frantically darted off the beach. As we ran the solders came closer and closer. I looked back to see our dad, that tripped over, get shoved to the ground and taken away. That was the last time I saw him. Gone in the blink of an eye. Our mother must have noticed as well a tear cascaded down her cheek. She tried to keep a smile on the face (but on the inside we knew how she felt). We had no idea what to do and what we would do. If we did not get away soon, they would take us to.

    Today was the worst day of my life and it began with a calm sea. After we boarded the boat, we were trapped on it for many weeks with no food or water gasping for air over thousands of people. The waves, which were crashing against the boat, were slowly getting bigger finally made me feel nauseous. As the day dragged on, space was hard to find and I was slowly being pushed out of the way of my family. Then it began. A storm began with bellowing lightning striking the sea lighting it up. The storm was so severe that many people died but at least I was able to find more space from that. The storm that blew out at sea, made the sky pure grey with rain slamming into the sea. When would it end? The rain splattered against the rickety boat. I frantically looked for my mother and sister but I could not find them.

  15. Dear Diary

    Today was so worrying. We set off in the car with all our things roped to the roof. In the car there was me, my brother, my mother and a faint memory of my lost father. We missed him. It was like a black hole in my heart that could be filled with nothing else. The journey was not just in the car. We had to get in a random van, which was scary because we had to leave more behind; a fruit which was messy because of tomorrow’s cycle, which was tiring and of cause the walk. There was a giant wall and the wall was covered in guards. I felt so disported because we had made a huge journey.

    Dear Diary

    Because the journey was so long and difficult, I fell asleep with exhaustion. The next thing I knew I was on a train heading towards the UK. On the outside I felt happy; (however on the outside I felt a little bit sad because all of the memories with dad had been destroyed) the only thing left of dad was his glasses.

  16. Dear diary,

    Today was a very depressing day, it all began with WAR! Me, my brother and my parents were having tea and suddenly the ear-piercing siren was set and we all knew what that means: bombs and war.

    War is very terrifying as a kid- 6 years of chaos and no electricity. When is the war ever going to stop torturing us? On the outside, I felt brave and worthy whereas on the inside, I felt scared, worried and unworthy! My mum and dad, who hated war, never wanted our lives and soul to be negative about that stage. I felt like hands were grabbing us and pulling me closer to the war. I feel deserted in blackness with just me and the war. There was an inferno everywhere. I could hear dreadful screaming babies, which was really loud, I nearly got deathened. I was distraught and so was my family! Why just why? Mum whispered “if we flee our country, we are forced to live in a refugee camps we are safe there”.
    Me and my brother always had hair on ends (at the same time) when we scared.
    Today was the most isolated, depressing day. It all started, when I was at the beach with my family. After me and my dad built a sand city, all of my hopes went down suddenly, because sadly war took my father!
    I felt nervous because whenever anything happened my dad was always there. I was angry because it was all my entire fault and I was worried about my mum, she always loved my father – she still does and she loves me and my brother too! I felt hopeless and worthless that very day and onwards! I was devastated. I felt engulfed. On the outside, I felt brave and heroic (whereas on the inside I felt furious and grieving.). At this time, I knew I wasn’t safe! Although I had lost my father, which is very upsetting, I knew I had to try and survive. Suddenly, my mum (who had lost her husband) came in to talk to us about dad!

  17. My heart had broken into a thousand pieces. My farther had gone.

    I was devastated when I found out that my father had died. The next few days had been difficult for all of us especially mum. Mum said we should pack. We wondered if we would be safe.
    My mother was acting strange she never had time for me. On the outside my mother was being brave (on the inside she was really worried.) my head felt muzzy with all the confusion. Thoughts whizzed round my head like a ball. “Will we be safe? Will we stay together? Will I have an education?”

    Eventually, I packed my things. Mum said we should pack the essentials so I did i packed: a scarf which can be used for multiple things; a torch so I can see in the dark and water to stay hydrated.

    After our tireless journey sneaking in and out of vans, we made it to the border.

    We were so close. With every step, we made it closer to freedom. I had mixed emotions. I was excited to be free but also worried because I only have 2 family members and no friends with me. Finally, we made it to the border.

    We wondered how we would get over. Out of nowhere we spotted a giant, who was taller than the wall, and he told us to go back. We got so scared that we ran into the forest. It was so big. We just kept running eventually we stopped. We lay on the ground tired and weary. I fell asleep but all I could hear was my mother crying. I woke up startled and what I saw was horrifying. I saw my mother paying a stranger to smuggle us over the border it was still night.

    We didn’t get seen. We made it.

  18. Dear diary,

    Today was a very depressing day, it all began with WAR! Me, my brother and my parents were having tea and suddenly the ear-piercing siren was set and we all knew what that means: bombs and war.

    War is very terrifying as a kid- 6 years of chaos and no electricity. When is the war ever going to stop torturing us? On the outside, I felt brave and worthy whereas on the inside, I felt scared, worried and unworthy! My mum and dad, who hated war, never wanted our lives and soul to be negative about that stage. I felt like hands were grabbing us and pulling me closer to the war. I feel deserted in blackness with just me and the war. There was an inferno everywhere. I could hear dreadful screaming babies, which was really loud, I nearly got deathened. I was distraught and so was my family! Why just why? Mum whispered “if we flee our country, we are forced to live in a refugee camps we are safe there”.
    Me and my brother always had hair on ends (at the same time) when we scared.
    Today was the most isolated, depressing day. It all started, when I was at the beach with my family. After me and my dad built a sand city, all of my hopes went down suddenly, because sadly war took my father!
    I felt nervous because whenever anything happened my dad was always there. I was angry because it was all my entire fault and I was worried about my mum, she always loved my father – she still does and she loves me and my brother too! I felt hopeless and worthless that very day and on wards! I was devastated. I felt engulfed. On the outside, I felt brave and heroic (whereas on the inside I felt furious and grieving.). At this time, I knew I wasn’t safe! Although I had lost my father, which is very upsetting, I knew I had to try and survive. Suddenly, my mum (who had lost her husband) came in to talk to us about dad!

  19. We could see the boat in the distance but we lost lots of things like: out house which was small but cosy; the sea that we spent many summers at; pets (a cat) and our friends because of the bombs. The boat came closer by the second. It was made out of rubber since it was reliable and affordable. The place (that we didn’t know about) had great mountains, which were tourist attractions, which toured over everything. Finally the boat was here. There were a lot of people on it (500) so we had to squeeze on. We told stores of terrible creatures and shipwrecks of titanic sizes. Behemoth waves crashed into the raft while lightning struck around us.
    The wall stood fiercely like an invulnerable barrier. A voice reached out of the shadows. “You aren’t allowed here! Go back!” shouted a giant.
    “We have nowhere to go.” Mum spoke in a soft voice “our home was destroyed.” We sprinted away into the forest (to sleep too night). Voices woke us so we sprinted away. “There are looking for us so we have to be quiet.” Mum whispered as we hid in a bush they didn’t spot us since we were hiding. We sprinted towards the border wall. Someone appeared in front of us. Mum paid him some money so it helped us over the wall but there was a long way until the sea. It was a treacherous and terrifying journey.

  20. Finally, we had reached the border. There was a huge wall and we had to climb it but we had to leave lots of things behind and we only had three things. The only bad thing was a giant soldier looming over the wall who was terrifying. “GO BACK TO YOUR HOME!” the furious giant demanded. “We can’t, we’re so tired and weak,” my mum replied. My little sister and I were so petrified. The soldier looked so powerful. We couldn’t do anything, so we hid. We only hid because we felt so intimidated under the humongous giant. “This is the end” I thought, I was so scared but mum was never scared. Suddenly there were two booming stomps, heading towards us. After that out of nowhere, there was a strange man that we never knew. He had smuggled us over the wall.
    Then we saw it. “Land!” I screamed. The land that might change our lives; the land that might not be boring; that could be amazing. We saw land! It was beautiful, there were lots conifer-green grass, no destruction, and there was life. We still had to travel on are squeaky and rickety and old boat but it lasted long enough. We still had to travel many days and nights due to the fact that we were looking from a distance. Whilst travelling many days and nights, I was thinking of what we will do if it’s boring? I was curious and I thought “is this island safe?” The closer we got to the island the more excited I became. We were so close to the island but I was just too impatient.

  21. Dear Diary
    Today was well and truly the worst day of my entire life. The heartless army stolen our beloved father. We were traumatised. They told us that they would take him to fight. After they took him, a few nights later he called us. A few minutes in, we heard a gun blast! We could tell he was dead .
    After dad died, the only memories we have left are his glasses and an old family photo. I was petrified! My whole life had been tore apart. That night (which was devastating) we could tell our mother was isolated! That evening she told me and my younger sister that we were going to have to leave. She told us that we would leave at night fall that evening.
    That morning my younger sister and I packed our suitcases. I packed dad’s glasses for a wonderful memory; clothes so I could keep clean; a family photo and canned food. We had dinner early. We had fast food. We had it early so we didn’t get caught.
    My sister and I put our bags in the boot and next to my sister since I sat in the front. We stayed quiet and we stayed low. At the start of my journey, I was in the car then in the back of an old pottery van. After that, we jumped into the back of a fruit lorry. We ended up on mum on a bike and us in a cramped trailer. Then we faced the border.

  22. As I carefully, quietly and slowly finishing packing, my suitcase overflowed. Soon I was ready to leave but we were ready to flee the country. My family and I set off for the start of our journey to wherever we were going to. Me and my brother were making our brains tired because we are wondering how long this journey would last. We were in our car as me and my brother got thirsty so we had a drink of; water, blackcurrant, orange, strawberry and apple juice.
    Today I had the most depressing news passed on to me. My mum said that my father had passed away. When I heard my mum say that my dad had died me and my brother burst out crying. On the outside I tried I to show that I wasn’t anxious and nervous, (however on the inside I felt anxious, sick and emotional .)I felt mortified. My whole body has gone numb I could feel sick in the back of my throat. Now it’s on my tongue. I threw up. I felt very ill, so does my brother and my mum. We felt horrified and terrified .All I could think about is my father. That was the worst day of my life.

  23. Dear Diary
    We had nowhere to go. It all started in our car. We were all excited but soon that excitement faded away. All we could take was a bottle of water and a blanket to keep us warm. After two hours, we had to sneak into the back of a van so we didn’t get seen by guards. Suddenly, the van stopped and we all sprinted out and jumped on the back of a bike in secret. In the distance, there was a huge brick wall. We would never be able to climb over it. With all our strength, we struggled and struggled to get over it. It was impossible.
    All of a sudden, a guard came darting towards us. He shouted, “Go back you can’t cross this border.” From behind us, there was an army of them. My mum, brother and I all raced and hid in the bushes. We couldn’t go home. Our house was shattered and our town was full of powerful guns and ear-splitting bombs. After a few minutes, a smuggler came and he said, “If you follow me, we can get over the border.” The smuggler, who looked very serious, was hard to believe but mother trusted him so we all followed his lead.

    My family and I travelled by boat. At first, the water was calm and peaceful. We all wondered about our new country. We were all very excited. The boat, which was old and rickety, was moving very slowly. We all wondered how long it would take us to get there. Where were we going? All of a sudden, the clouds went grey and it started to rain hard. The storm had come. The boat was crashing against the huge rocks and bits of the boat were falling to the ground. If the boat tipped up, we are all going to die because it is really windy and the waves are crashing onto the boat. When the storm finally stopped, we all found we was going to the UK. Will we like it there?

  24. Dear diary,

    Today was life changing for me and my children. My children had sat watching the tranquil and peaceful sea. Soon it had all changed .The aqua-blue sea turned darker and darker so my children cuddled me into my loving arms.
    All the innocent birds screeched loud instead of tweeting peacefully as they migrated above our heads to escape the thunderous storm .Myself and my children felt distraught because we were all in grave danger. I felt all muzzy as the rubber vessel raft rocked like a baby’s cot as if I was going to puke. As the sea crashed wildly, my children felt all nauseous as the dark blue salty sea splashed all over the deck of the raft. I had to get my children to safety so they didn’t get hurt or wet. I had a headache as the sea lifted the raft onto the waves of the angry sea. I started thinking to myself, when is this going to end. The thunder, from the grey like grumbling clouds crashed like tamberines and the sea nearly took my life away. I silently had tears trickling down my soft cheeks as I cried. I felt scared inside.

    Dear diary,

    We finally made it to the border but the tall, angry guard stood above us. The angry giant told us to go back home and I told him angrily that we are not going back. My children were scared of the noises behind us so I held my children in my loving arms like I was there for them. I begged desperately but no he shouted “Go back”. We have nowhere to go and we are tired. We fled our country to be safe and we don’t want to lose our lives. After a while, the guard felt all curious if he believed me or not.
    Suddenly, the guard told the other vicious guards to get us. Shouting woke up my children as the guards chased us. I told my children to follow me to try and escape. After we got away, they lost us as we hid behind the big bush so we didn’t even peek in case they caught us.

  25. We were here. My heart was beating like a drum. An enormous concrete wall stood before me, my brother and my mother. As the sun shone a glint of hope travelled through me. When we had fled we had taken a lot of things. But every day we left things behind (they were too heavy to carry.) In the end all we had was clothes which would keep us warm; a bottle of water to keep us hydrated and food to give us energy. As we approached the border, a horrible guard tried to deport us back. I wondered if we would ever get over the border. A few minutes later, we huddled in the suspicious darkness. A shadow loomed over us. As it crept closer and closer, my heart stopped. My mother paid him to take us over the border. On the outside, I was glad he was taking us over (but on the inside I didn’t trust him.)
    What was supposed to be a fun day at the beach turned into my worst nightmare. Me and my family, who were at the seaside, were happily sitting in the sun. As me and my brother built sandcastles , the aqua blue sea drifted in and out. My parents (who were chatting) didn’t notice the strange shadows on the horizon. As the day dragged on, the shadows crept closer and closer until they were about 20 metres away. After a while, we were just an arm’s length away from the military. I ran as fast as I could to get away. Petrified, me my mother and my brother fled. I turned around and watched the soldiers take my father. That was it. In the blink of an eye, he was gone. Despite all of this, my mother urged me on. When we arrived back at the house, which had been bombed, my mother told us we would have to leave at some point. Mortified and vulnerable, we cowered in the corner. I stared vat the photo of dad and cried.

  26. The day dad passed away, war happened. My mum was petrified because she lost her husband. My sister and I were nervous because mum wasn’t scared when dad was with us and dad wasn’t anymore. Mum, my sister and I didn’t know what to do, if we should stay or chance going to a different country. I was brave on the outside, (however, on the inside I was shocked because of war). I had fun days out with dad.
    I remember going to the beach with dad. We were making a city with the sand, mum reading her favourite book and my sister was looking for shells to bring home. Since that day we never went again because our lives changed.
    When we climbed on the boat, it started to move before I sat down. I tripped over; the boat moved left to right. I finally sat down in front of my mum and my sister. My mum was telling my sister stories and I heard the man I was sat next to snoring. I was hoping we didn’t get sent back to the same place we departed. As we went further, the more bombing we left behind. People felt sick and dizzy, and they fell out of their seats. I asked my mum “will we be safe here on our own?”

  27. Dear diary,

    Every day we enjoyed our life until our dad gruesomely died from a bomb attack. That was the worst part that our dad died. After our beloved dad died and the fearsome war began, we knew that we had to flee our country. Before I felt happy and normal and very happy… but now I feel like a kid that never had fun or never had a mother and dad. I felt lonely and sad. I knew we had to flee our beloved home country so that we didn’t end up like our dad. I still had hope that one day I will come back to Syria.

    The next day I was walking to school and looked at dad’s dead body, and said in my mind “I still love you and I will never forget you”. Dads body location was next to the beach were we don’t go to any more, because dad died there. The smoke was muzzy. I still had hoped that dad wouldn’t die before my awesome day at the beach. The only thing I had left from beloved dad was his glasses. I knew we had to flee.

    A day later we started packing up for our journey. I was the one to take dad’s glasses. We set of for our journey across the lands and seas to our destiny, Greece.

    Dear diary sorry I have been away for a while,

    We set off to our blood red car. We went at night to avoid getting caught. We got to the border. I and mum got caught so we rapidly ran into an emerald green bush. The bush we ran into was 6 meters squared. After they were gone we went out and saw a strange man. We paid him so we got over the border. We ran to the rusty boat. Once we got there we set sail and told stories about our journeys and were we are going to. The refugees told us about monsters under the boat waiting for us to go to sleep so they can kill us by eating us. I said “I won’t go sleep then.” Everybody laughed.

    6 hours later, we had eaten some fruits. A rough storm came and revealed another boat full of other refugees. I felt sick and nauseous as the storm was stopping, we saw an island

  28. Dear Diary
    All of a sudden, I hear ear-deathening bangs. It felt stomach lurching. What was going to happen to us now? People started screaming running away with babies and young children. There were some men coming to people’s homes every minute… They were being forced from THEIR OWN HOME! I honestly thought we were next. Soon after, a friend of mine called and told us about a safe place where there was hardly no worries about war and conflict! So I decided to go.
    We started packing. Days later, we found a little red rowing boat we were crammed onto it. Soon, we were in this middle of the tranquil sea with all the strange sea creatures lurking below us. I kept looking down as I remembered his death memories came back. I pictured him in his red glasses. I held them. Tears came trickling down my cheeks. As I looked in the clear blue waters, a weird creature swam past. It had two joined legs not two separate legs. But out of nowhere, a weird shaped animal came. Behind it was chubby eight thin chubby type of legs then it started to curl round the bottom of the boat. I backed up quickly and in my head, I was saying “I’M NOT YOUR DINNER!”

    There were masses of sea creatures waiting for us to capsize. There were octopus, which were huge; fish which were all sizes; some sharks which some were huge and crabs that just sat lazily on rocks. There were many more waiting. I was trying to hold myself up more (as, on the inside, I was ready to let go.) All I wanted to do was curl in a ball and cry. As the sea grew bigger and bigger and bigger, the sky darkened. Coal-black clouds came in. The sea grew stronger. Waves started to rise further soon chaos took the boat and people over. People started screaming and crying. I threw myself to my precious gems. I curled my body round them. People were falling off. I knew soon that I would go weak. This lasted for 2-3 hours with no help at all. Finally, it cleared up. My head was banging everywhere. People were screaming and yelling which sounded like craziness; Waves started hitting us which absolutely soaked me; Waves were hitting the water which sounded like a belly flop and lightning which was VERY LOUD! Before I could react, my son fell in the water. I head to grab him as soon as I could. I held him keeping him dryer and warm.

  29. Dear diary

    Today my heart shattered in to 1000 pieces. The war began. Every day, bad things started happening around us and soon there was nothing but chaos. Our family portrait hung on the wall one day but now it was smashed into pieces. My children curled up to me again. I felt devastated because my children everything to me and if I got separated, I would never be myself again. I felt distraught. It was so hard without him. All you could see were bombs outside and we could hear screams. We slowly packed our suitcases. We sat there for half an hour and said goodbye to our family portrait as we couldn’t bring it because we had no room in our suitcase. We set off but we were still down in the dumps. We were saying goodbye to everyone we knew. It was really sad. We wished we could take them with us. My children were crying. I tried not to show my fear because I don’t want them anymore sad than they already were (but on the inside I wanted to burst out crying). It was officially time to go so we set off on a journey.

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