A fantastic week of learning

Wow we have had a great week of learning this week. In English, we have been using our inference skills to answer questions about the fantastic Iron Man story; In Maths we been improving our reasoning skills and today we learnt about averages using Smarties; and in Science, we have been constructing and drawing our own circuits.  To top it off, we had a delicious Christmas dinner today!IMG-20171214-WA0000 IMG-20171214-WA0001 IMG-20171214-WA0002 IMG-20171214-WA0003 IMG-20171214-WA0005 IMG-20171214-WA0006 IMG-20171214-WA0007 IMG-20171214-WA0008 IMG-20171214-WA0009 IMG-20171214-WA0010 IMG-20171214-WA0011


My Mathematicians! 

I was so proud of Year 6 Pine today. They are really developing their investigation skills. During this lesson, they were investigating how to find the area of triangles and parallelograms; they displayed excellent communication skills, perseverance and eventually managed to find and explain the answer. Well done everyone! 


During our Careers Topic, Kelly and Zain wrote to a Doctor to find out about how to be successful in this role and…. They wrote back! Not only did a Doctor write back to them, they also sent them both a stethoscope and a pen light. Congratulations you two. 20171016_151321Kelly 1




Jacob also had some exciting news. He wrote to an architect and instead of writing back, Mr Flynn (the architect) came into school to see Jacob and answer his questions! He also brought him some architectural magazines and a pen. 20171010_151441




Alex got a fabulous reply from the RAF cadets and they also sent him some badges! 20171003_132845

Our Performance Poetry

We looked at this picture from the text that we have been working on. The class talked about how the mother was feeling, what she was thinking, what she might do and how the war was still closing in on them. We then wrote fantastic sentences about this and worked in a group to create some powerful poetic verses. Then we performed these verses to the class.


Replies to our letters!

Congratulations Honor and Elina who have received a reply from the letters that they wrote to people who are already doing the careers that they want when they were older. Elina received an email reply from Life Leisure Romiley about being a swimming coach and Honor received a letter and an apron from Ashburton Cookery School!