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World Cup Fun & Games

Yesterday, as part of our World Cup topic, year 6 looked at some unusual sports from history. Having learnt the rules of these sports, each group used some of the PE equipment to try and recreate them. They then taught the rest of the class how to play. We had a lovely morning in the sunshine playing Seker-Hemat, Hurling, Episkyros and Jianzi (I’m sure the children would be happy to explain more to you!)

Fantastic English

You could hear a pin drop in English today. We read chapter 4 of The Boy in The Striped Pyjamas and listened to what Bruno and Gretel saw through their window. We drew a sketch using the information we read. Next we learnt about the place that they saw – Auschwitz!

The children were horrified, enthralled and so engaged in the learning.

We used what we found out to writ some really powerful setting descriptions.