A fantastic week of learning

Wow we have had a great week of learning this week. In English, we have been using our inference skills to answer questions about the fantastic Iron Man story; In Maths we been improving our reasoning skills and today we learnt about averages using Smarties; and in Science, we have been constructing and drawing our own circuits.  To top it off, we had a delicious Christmas dinner today!IMG-20171214-WA0000 IMG-20171214-WA0001 IMG-20171214-WA0002 IMG-20171214-WA0003 IMG-20171214-WA0005 IMG-20171214-WA0006 IMG-20171214-WA0007 IMG-20171214-WA0008 IMG-20171214-WA0009 IMG-20171214-WA0010 IMG-20171214-WA0011


My Mathematicians! 

I was so proud of Year 6 Pine today. They are really developing their investigation skills. During this lesson, they were investigating how to find the area of triangles and parallelograms; they displayed excellent communication skills, perseverance and eventually managed to find and explain the answer. Well done everyone!