A Rubbish Trip!

Year 5 Beech went on a great rubbish trip on Monday 27th March! We visited Recycle For Greater Manchester’s recycling plant at Bredbury. We learnt all about recycling and what needs to go in what bin. As part of our day we had a tour of the plant and completed activities to help us teach our parents about recycling. So come on ……. join in the fun and get recycling in those bins each week.DSCF4197 DSCF4198 DSCF4202 DSCF4217 DSCF4230

5Rowan’s Greek assembly

Well done 5Rowan! Your assembly today was fantastic! You have worked so hard to practise your lines and you should be extremely proud of yourselves. Here are a few photos, and watch this space for the video…

Athenians vs Spartans!



Our fabulous narrators!

IMG_8845 IMG_8847

The cast of Theseus and the Minotaur!IMG_8838 IMG_8839

Our ‘Grease’ dancers!


‘Homer’ and our St Patrick’s leprechaun!

IMG_8841 IMG_8842

Athens vs Sparta

Find out about the similarities and differences between  Athens and Sparta.

This BBC website has information in small chunks and photos.




Primary Homework Help – use the links down the left hand side to switch between Athens and Sparta.





The Drobeeta

Unknown to Zak the Drobeeta was only just around the corner from were he was . The stomach turning odour of the lethal creature made Zak turn the corner…

The savage creature dived on top of him .Imense numbers of venomous Snakes slithered all over his face. Zak could barely breath .Was it all over. The Drobeeta Elevated off the innocent soul of Zak and flew into darkness. The bright moonlight shone into his eyes restoring his confidence . The walls rumbled . Rocks were falling down off the walls one by one . The Drobeeta flew strait at him and knocked Zak onto an Atheanean soldier who shot an arrow at the beast’s head which deflected right back at the poor soldier . Zak lifted himself off the ground but like a bowling pin he was knocked over again . Its scaly green head was forced againsed his face .Tears rolled down his face as its elephant like feet snapped his legs in half


By Oliver O’Brien Year 5 Beech

Lexis: The Emperor Of Darkness

All of a sudden, from the darkness, a foul, evil creature ascended. It’s heavy footsteps shook the ground with fear. The malodorous aroma that exited it’s mouth blinded Sythise, who was frozen in horror, for a moment. As it approached Sythise, it’s arms spread open, as if it was going to give Sythise a reassuring hug, and then it’s cavernous nostrils flared angrily. Then, Sythise’s knees started trembling uncontrollably but then, he recognized the mysterious sinister figure who was tormenting him. “Lexis!” He gasped ,”You will not be spared!” Lexis’ mouth opened, this time his yellow teeth shone, like a grotesque sun setting down. After that, it’s horse like hoofs sliced through the ground savagely through the brown, hard mud. Lexis roared with rage. It’s roar was so loud that that the stalactites, which were dangling down from the roof of the cave, fell onto the floor, and rocks started to crumble and collapse on after the other. The roar sounded like an erupting volcano, spitting lava out. Sythise gradually became more petrified. Lexis’ eyes turned red in an instant. His arms waved at Sythise in an unwelcoming way as they started to grow canine-like spikes at the ends of them.  Worst of all, they were reaching out to Sythise, willing to cause harm. Sythise was now pleading and clinging on for dear life because now Lexis, The Emperor Of Darkness grabbed Sythise in his jet, black arms and looked at him square in the eye. He didn’t say anything to the innocent, weak face of Sythise but he slowly opened his mouth one last time as his ravenous stomach growled with hunger.



Year 5 Beech