Zac, Connor and Amarie’s Animal Narrative Poem

“At the stroke of midnight

The wolves were howling loudly

With their coats as soft as silk

And their heads pointing

To the brilliant moon.


But the wolf

Filled with hunger

Was ready to eat.


Suddenly his ears twitched

as an unfortunate deer passed by


He warned the pack

Straight into the pursuit.


Rapidly the 9 wolves ran

at a blazing pace

melting the snow with his burning paws.”


– Amarie, Connor, Zac B


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Ryan’s Animal Poem

Watching intently

Sneaking stealthily

Growling deeply

Like a fearsome, fiery dragon


Charging rapidly,

Pouncing suddenly,

Catching tightly

Tearing viciously

In his razor-sharp jaws


Eating quickly

Licking slowly

Grinning craftily

In the crunchy, soft snow


– Ryan



Nathan, Joseph and Caelan’s Animal Poem

“Engrossing, elegant, swift

sharp, serrated teeth

cold-blooded, fluid

with heightened senses


Eyes as black as a hell hole

Just like they have no soul

3 short gills

one for each kill

deep engraving

just like Kill Bill


Murdering madly

Pouncing rapidly

Darting swiftly

Thrashing violently

In the deep ocean


Waiting patiently

Stealthily stalking

As he waited to kill

In the murky waters.”

– Joseph, Nathan, Caelan.


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Shriya and Josef’s Animal Poem

“Swimming swiftly

Diving rapidly

Roaming silently

In the mysterious midnight zone.


Hunting quickly

Camouflaging stealthily

Dashing fiercely

In the undertow.


Diving suddenly

Pouncing wildly

Chomping tightly

Gobbling prey like the ultimate killer.


Silhouette vanishing

Like a ghost swimming into the unknown

Leaving behind nothing but blood.”

– Josef and Shriya.

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Kira’s Animal Poem

“Elegantly, silently

light on his feet

his tail gracefully swaying

like snowflakes floating down

rolling gently

into the snow.



Camouflaging quietly

into the darkness

leaving behind nothing

but footprints.


Wandering politely

his eyes reflecting in the moon

Trees bending over him

Bowing to the power in his eyes

Blue as the midnight sky.


Sitting on the stone

looking into the sky

memories inside his head

his father looking down to him from heaven.”


– Kira

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Ben, James and Hasin’s Animal Poem

“Sprinting swiftly

Pouncing stealthily

Eating greedily

Howling loudly


Fluffy and soft

Fur like velvet

Grey and white

with a powerful scent

crushing teeth

like a crocodile’s jaws

sensitive ears for detecting prey


Explores and feeds

Below the night sky

and hunting like a majestic silhouette.”


– Ben, James, Hasin


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Casey’s Animal Poem

“Sneaking slowly

Stalking prey silently

charging rapidly

Tearing other animals into nanoscopic pieces

Like a ravenous beast.


Herculean, muscular physique

Glowing, lucid, amber eyes which shine in the blinding moonlight

Soft, velvet fur as black as midnight

Whirlwind, rapid

as fast as a shadow

fleeing from hell.”


– Casey


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Setting Description – By Evan and Kyle

At midnight, as the wolves were howling, clouds were disappearing into the coal-black sky.  The only sound you could hear was the church bell chiming the ghost hour.  In an orphanage which was centurys old, the children were all asleep.  All but Kevin who was still awake because the moon was shining brightly in his eyes.

Dowson Primary Academy