Poplar’s Marvelous Medicine

Zac, Connor and Amarie’s Animal Narrative Poem

“At the stroke of midnight

The wolves were howling loudly

With their coats as soft as silk

And their heads pointing

To the brilliant moon.


But the wolf

Filled with hunger

Was ready to eat.


Suddenly his ears twitched

as an unfortunate deer passed by


He warned the pack

Straight into the pursuit.


Rapidly the 9 wolves ran

at a blazing pace

melting the snow with his burning paws.”


– Amarie, Connor, Zac B


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Ryan’s Animal Poem

Watching intently

Sneaking stealthily

Growling deeply

Like a fearsome, fiery dragon


Charging rapidly,

Pouncing suddenly,

Catching tightly

Tearing viciously

In his razor-sharp jaws


Eating quickly

Licking slowly

Grinning craftily

In the crunchy, soft snow


– Ryan



Nathan, Joseph and Caelan’s Animal Poem

“Engrossing, elegant, swift

sharp, serrated teeth

cold-blooded, fluid

with heightened senses


Eyes as black as a hell hole

Just like they have no soul

3 short gills

one for each kill

deep engraving

just like Kill Bill


Murdering madly

Pouncing rapidly

Darting swiftly

Thrashing violently

In the deep ocean


Waiting patiently

Stealthily stalking

As he waited to kill

In the murky waters.”

– Joseph, Nathan, Caelan.


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