The Year 2 Debate!

Today the children in Year 2 were debating whether or not “The Great Fire of London was the best thing that ever happened to London.” We discussed what a ‘peaceful’ debate looked like and they decided which side they supported more. It was hard to decide for some of them! Then we had a class debate – just like in the House of Commons. Lots of strong arguments were heard from each side.

What do you think?

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Staircase House Visit

Year 2 loved their trip to Staircase House on Monday.

They enjoyed dressing up as famous people from the Great Fire of London, such as Samuel Pepys and King Charles II. They  learnt how we would build a house in 1666 using wattle and daub. They also learnt about fire marks and how fire insurance was made after the fire.

Please take a look at the pictures. More to follow!


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Year 5 visit year 2

It is Owl exhibition day! Year 5 came to listen to our project based learning. Year 5 read us a poem and shared books that they had made. We enjoyed asking experts about facts. Even Mrs Jeffries, one of our governor’s came to see what we had been up to!

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