Trip to the Farm

What a FANTASTIC trip we had to the Farm on Friday. We got to feed the baby animals, ride the donkeys, go on a tractor ride and watch the cows being milked by a special robot.

We would like to say a big thank you to all the adults that helped out!

Take a look at the pictures below to see what we got up to!




Silver Awards were presented to; Ben, Savannah, Ellysia and Caspar.


Gold Awards were presented to; Connie, Grace, Alfie, Elsie, Zakariya, Lewis, Lucca, Liam, Emilie and Ellie-Mae.


Platinum Awards were presented to; Lola, Ava, Gracie, Teddy and Lola.


Well Done Everyone!


Stars of the Week


Reception star have been shining brightly again this week!

Stars of the week were William and Ava. Lunchtime awards went to Connie and Stanley.

IMG_5802                   IMG_5804    

In the presentation parade this week, showing off their amazing writing, were Lillie and Ashlea.


A silver award was presented to Callum.  Gold awards were also presented to; Jayden, Max, Megan, Yaqoob, and Finley.

IMG_5805                    IMG_5806

Well Done Everyone!


Taster Day in Reception

Nursery children had their transition into Reception today. We found out where our new class areas are and made lots of new friends. We shared snack time in our new family groups where we had milk/water and fruit.

We were very busy, take a look at some of the things that we have been doing.



BILD8040BILD8032BILD8033BILD8043BILD8036BILD8037BILD8042BILD8034BILD8038BILD8039DIGITAL CAMERA                 BILD8041

We hope that you all had a wonderful time and we look forward to seeing you all in your new uniforms in September.

Stars of the Week

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Lots of stars shining brightly again this week.

Grace and Ivy were selected this week for amazing worm writing and applying set 3 sounds independently.


Lunchtime awards went to Alfie and Gracie both remembering their manners.


Ellie-Mae and Alfie showed everyone in assembly, during the Presentation Parade, their wonderful writing they had done in RWI.


A Silver Award was presented to Olivia.


Gold Awards were presented to; Charlie, Hollie, Amelia-Rose, Maxwell, Amelia and Annalise.


Well Done Everyone!

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Weekend Challenge

During assembly we looked back at the different decades of Mrs Rathburns life, and saw lots of photos of what she looked like.

We thought it would be lovely for you to share some family photos and talk about which decade you were born in and what you liked to do growing up.

Maybe you could even add a photo to Tapestry and your child could tell us all about it!

Dress up day!!

Ahuge thank you to all the parents for all the effort you put into the children’s costumes.

Mrs Rathburn was very suprised to say the least and even came over to have her picture taken with them, dressed up as Rupert the Bear!

The children really have had the most FANTASTIC day!

BILD8013                               BILD8014

Dowson Primary Academy