The Eco Year

In December 2014 we were awarded our 4th Eco-schools green flag, We received the international Eco flag and we are very proud to be an Eco school. Eco school is a world wide school based programme   designed to promote environmental awareness, citizenship,personal social and health education. The aim of the Eco school programme is to encourage children to improve the school environment by tackling issues including litter, energy and water use.

Here are some of the things we have been doing so far this school year.

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Welcome to the Eco Blog!

Hello and welcome to Eco Club blog! Here you can read all about what we have been doing in Eco Club. It will include explanations of things we have done or found along with pictures of us having fun in nature and working on our amazing school grounds. Feel free to post comments about what you have enjoyed or even make suggestions about what you might like to do in Eco Club.


Last week we explored the school grounds to look for signs of Autumn’s arrival. Among other things, we found: leaves that were starting to change colour, bramble bushes that were beginning to lose their berries and some interesting creatures such as ladybirds, butterflies and spiders!


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