E Safety

The Internet is a wonderful and diverse place, filled with incredible information resources. Yet for many parents and carers, who often have less knowledge and experience of the Internet, it can be a place of concern. We worry about what or whom our children may encounter online, and how we can protect them with our own limited knowledge. While we use it for booking holidays and answering emails, your children maybe setting up social networking pages, instant messaging with webcams, blogging, researching school projects, listening to music, playing online games and emailing friends. Therefore we have compiled together several resources, links and E- safety tips for Parents and Carers on how to help children remain safe whilst on the net. Plus one or two quizzes and links for your children too.

If you would like to read our Dowson e-safety policy you can do so by clicking here


Watch the videos, read the information below, do the quizzes



Find what you need to know about the game and how you can help keep children using the app safe.